Angelic Devine Update Apr 8

Angelic Divine Update: ✨✨

Beloved Souls, the Angels have some messages to share with you.
Divine guidance is here as the coming days of trial and tribulation are near. We have been preparing you for this. Do trust that we are with you all. The coming days and weeks will shed light on the dark and the dark will have its final sparks.
We are showing you that everything you have ever felt about this coming is near. We ask all of you to prepare your physical bodies and ground with Gaia as grounding will help you all to maintain strong roots in your nervous system. Emotional turbulence and grief are among some of the intense emotions to be felt. Please know that this interjected shift is all part of a divine healing for Gaia and for those on this planet to ascend into a higher placement.
There will be devastating occurrences in the coming days and weeks. Floods and fires will be harsh and will devastate communities. Be prepared to make changes in ways of living. Offer assistance to those in need. Hold the light for all sharing in this planet.
Divine intervention is occurring on all levels, and you need not be afraid. This is what has been asked for to transcend into peaceful consciousness. You must be rooted and trust this process of healing.
Moments of darkness are time for self reflection and spiritual growth. Each and every one of you are touched by divine light. Open your hearts to one another and feel the light you share collectively. It is in union that we all transcend. ✨✨
Sending much love,
Carrie Ann 💖💫