Angelic Divine Update Aug 2

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Angelic Divine Update ✨✨

Message from Archangel Jophiel

It is of highest importance that I bring to you much love of the golden ray of light.

We are coming into a time of grief and despair. It is being shown that light overpowers the darkness, and the dark will be lit up. There are currently thousands upon thousands of brothers and sisters who are feeling loss and despair. No clear directions are being given and their inner guidance has become blocked.

Please understand this is divine intervention. We seek to intervene with those feeling loss by surrounding them with citrine ray of light. Do not be burdened by your loss, for in this comes the knowing that it is time to let go and rebuild.
A new energy is coming into Mother Gaia infused with high levels of Love of Self and Compassion for others. A reflection of God’s Love will become visible and liberate you all from the prison you have been in.
The corruption of Love and Truth is shattering apart. Fragments may linger in the air and may affect many moods at this time. Do not worry, take a moment to gaze into my citrine ray and feel the expansion of your mind. This will instantly elevate your mood and also bring clarity for all of your creative ideas.

This is a time for rebuilding. My brothers and sisters, we are here to help you all rebuild after destruction. Offer support to your fellow brothers and sisters to rebuild what has been destroyed. Relearn how to work together and join in creative ideas to help humanity ascend into a new way of living and loving.

At this time, children embody and will be a clear reflection of the citrine ray of light. Watch how they play, watch how they engage and work together, watch how they take brief moments of bliss. They are the wayshowers of Mother Gaia. You will remember.
At this time it is greatly important you pay attention to the details of your creative endeavors and how to create them from a place of Love. Coming from a place of Love will help your creative ideas to flow much more with ease and grace. Take note that your creative ideas in Love will help humanity work through these tumultuous times. Do not be concerned on how to rebuild on your own. Many of you are being divinely placed into groups to help restructure Heaven on Earth. Trust you will be guided to your groupings.

Whenever you feel doubt, loss, despair, and unmotivated, feel my citrine ray of light surround you. This will instantly elevate your mood. Be kind to one another my brothers and sisters. We must hold hands of compassion for each other and feel the wholeness of Light.

– Archangel Jophiel
Channeled by Carrie Ann 💖💫