Angelic Divine Update Jun 22, 2021

Angelic Divine Update

Message from Archangel Ariel

We are working to bring you peace of mind with all things living. It is of great importance that I bring forth this message at this time.

Resources on Mother Gaia are changing. Do not be alarmed by these immediate changes. Although it may appear resources are becoming scarce in certain areas, these areas will be highlighted to produce their own resources. This is indeed part of a divine plan.
What was once valued highly, will be replaced with much more substantial resources of growth for New Earth. Among these resources such as, grains and produce will be changed in texture, color, and vitality. Nutritional value among humanity has declined greatly over the years and must be revitalized. Nutritional growth on Mother Gaia is currently changing underneath the surface. Seeds have already been planted and will expand over time. Dear ones, do not be alarmed by product change. Products that are of lesser value in nutritional growth will soon diminish. The New Earth will not hold lower density foods not created for optimal health value.
At this time, it is very important to clean up your diets and lifestyles. As Mother Gaia continues to purge and release toxicity, you must do your part as a soul light body. As you begin this process, you will notice changes in your cravings, in your taste pallet, in what is easily digestible and what is not. Allow these changes to take place and be open to more foods that hold optimal health value.
Natural resources and ecosystems are undergoing changes to benefit both Mother Gaia and those on the Ascension journey. During this time, be aware there will be more rainfall, more winds and more land shifting as this process is very necessary to tend and teal the new fertile land. There is no need to be alarmed by these endeavors as they unfold.
It is of high importance that you spend more time out in nature. Take in the rays of sunlight, touch the earth, ground yourself into the pure essence of the land and say your prayers out loud. Take more hikes and explore nature. Open all of your senses and smell the flowers, breathe in the oxygen of the trees, and sit in calm while in nature as much as possible during this time. The answers you seek will be given. Remain open and listen. Detox and purge toxic addictions and behaviors that are harmful for you. Ask natural resources to assist you as you undergo your detox. This is a time to release toxicity and come into balance with Mother Gaia as optimal healing and growth take place.
— Archangel Ariel
Channeled by Carrie Ann