Dance of Life Movement Integration Workshops

The body speaks the truth. It never lies. Do you have the courage to be quiet enough to listen to its truth? Are you willing to take the time to get to know the truth from the inside? So often we are told what and how to think and feel, either by others or by ourselves. What we truly feel and think is often a mystery.
This Dance of Life Movement Integration workshop will guide you into an in-depth exploration into the language of your body. You will be led to the wisdom that speaks through you tissues. Being able to listen on this level to the truth in your body is revealing and reassuring. You are in charge of what you feel and think. You will be encouraged to touch the truth within you.

Being able to access the truth and remain in touch with yourself while relating to another is possible. It does take practice. Through my guidance, you will be led into listening to yourself while in relationship with others and thus, expanding your capacity to be true to yourself and honest with others. This is very freeing and a lot of fun.
The Dance of Life Movement method is a fluid and disciplined system of movement that trains you how to embrace fluidity and utilize your power in order to generate and maintain balance within yourself and with others. By listening inside of the body, you are allowing and embracing the sensations found in one movement shift into the next. This is how fluidity is developed and it allows a connection to form between the body, mind, and spirit.

Each movement is designed to take you into and through the fluid system of your body, the tissues, muscles and bones to use them all together as one connected, balanced, integrated body system. This workshop will move you from internal awareness to engaging with others (external awareness). This is also designed to assist you in transitioning from one movement form and tempo into the next with greater ease.

As a Certified Dance Alive Teacher, I will be incorporating the Dance Alive Method into these workshops. This method uses breath, sound and music to accompany you individually and with others through five movement forms and into dance.

Soft Liquid: is a fluid receptive and nurturing movement that softens and opens the inner sensations of the body.
Reach Out: is a gentle, fluid and thorough stretching technique which releases and expands the body to become more fluid in tissue, muscle and chakra opening.
Power Up: is a fluid strengthening process that uses resistance and keeps you in your core power as the muscles tighten and strengthen.
Gotta Move: is a stimulating, vigorous, random fluid movement which activates and energizes. This indeed activates your kundalini.
Dance Alive: is a combination of all the movement forms and allows the dancer within to emerge.

Workshop Guidelines:

No prior dance experience is needed or required. This workshop is all about finding your own inner movement and dance flow. Be sensitive and listen to your body. Move at your own pace. I will guide the group to move at a specific pace, but allow yourself to move at the appropriate pace for your body within the group. If you need to adapt an exercise to work with your body’s limitations, please do so. Give yourself permission to do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

One Day Workshop:
This workshop is 3 hours long. It is important to be on time as to not disrupt the group dynamic in process. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any part of this! During the workshop, we will be exploring a theme, all the movement forms, breath, individual exploration, partner and group work. The time allotted between each tempo piece is perfectly tuned to allow you to drop inside more deeply and experience an altered brain wave state (Integration). Movement that emerges from this altered state has the capacity to reorganize your entire system. Relationship that emerges from this state allows you to build new possible ways of relating to yourself and relating to others. This powerfully dynamic and healing workshop will guide you into rejuvenating, revitalizing and deeply relax your entire system. You may awaken new levels of vitality, sensuality, spontaneity, trust and power that are waiting to be discovered! This workshop is open to anyone and you can pace yourself within the workshop. If you are interested in taking a private class or classes prior to this workshop, please check in with me for private one-to-one class sessions.

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