Quantum AutoHeals & Light Code Activations

Beloved souls, it is an honor to welcome you to this very special New Earth (5D) that we are co-creating together. It is a New Earth and you are part of it and operating on a tri-wave frequency band at 100% embodiment. This is also known as 5D Consciousness. It is about growing your relationships, wealth, health and life beyond what you thought was previously possible. Do it with grace and ease for your highest and best outcome. There are energy containers gifted to each of us once we reach this level of consciousness. These containers simplify all areas of your life. What used to take hours, now only takes minutes thanks to these special energy containers. This also includes valuable lessons from life that you can use to start having Quantum shifts in your life.

Energy containers are like an energy bubble that contain groupings of codes that are designed to do very specific things. A code is a 15th dimensional blueprint for a vibration. These include Hertz Frequencies. Before it was a sound, it started out as a code. This code determines exactly what a vibration will sound like, what it resonates at, and contains all of the required information about how it will show up in reality.

There are billions of energy codes with different frequency bands to choose from. Your Higher Self will choose what healing is needed and will last as long as needed. These are high ascension tools and will work best for those vibrating at a higher vibrational level. I will guide you to what your Higher Self is requesting support from. You will align with the codes that resonate for your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical support. It is strongly suggested you combine with an Emotion Code / Body Code Clearing session.

Starseed Angel Healing - Spiritual & Energy Healing