It has been such an amazing journey

starseed energy healer
LV, in the U.K.
It has been such an amazing journey
Heart Wall Clearing
February 25, 2021

I met Carrie Ann through an online course we did together. At the time I thought that I had worked on my issues, not realizing that so many emotions from my past traumas were stored away in my body. Firstly, my Heart Wall was cleared and this I feel made me more open so that the trapped emotions I had held for so long could be identified. These have now been released. It has been such an amazing journey, going at my pace so that I could always deal with everything that came up and not be overwhelmed.

Carrie Ann has so many tools in her toolbox to bring hidden issues to the surface and whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual she works with them in such a way that I felt understood, completely safe and protected.

I am so grateful for this great gift of true healing!