Twin Flame Emotional Blocks Clearing

What is a Twin Flame Connection?

The Twin Flame connection is all about ENERGY. If your energies are in high vibration, your connection will be harmonious. If your energies are low and heavy, it is going to express itself through struggles such as conflict, running and separation.

Everything in this world, including us, are tiny particles vibrating and oscillating at particular frequencies. We are not solid, but energy in motion.
As souls, you and your Twin Flame share the same core frequency. However, as you live your lives separately and have different life experiences, your connection to one another may become weighed down. This can be due to a collection of “stuff” we have picked up from family, friends, society, and social narratives that have passed onto us through genetics, experiences and karma. This frequency can actually be measured.

Dr. David Hawkins measured the frequency of every human emotion and created a scale of vibrational frequencies. On the low end of the scale there is shame, guilt and fear which hold tight restrictive heavy feelings. On the higher end of the scale is peace, love, and joy which are expansive, light and warm open feelings. This is crucial for Twin Flames to be aware of because the struggle between Twin Flames is rooted in low vibration energies.
The Twin Flame Union exists up in the vibration of Unconditional Love. So in order to help you reunite, your souls are trying to clear and purge everything that is “weighing” you down. This is what Ascension is all about.

It is not the Twin Flame connection that is hard, it is the Ascension journey process that becomes quite challenging. The Twin Flame connection is truly above all Love, Unconditional Love and Bliss. Remember also, your soul always wants you to trust your OWN guidance and intuition as to whether someone is your Twin Flame. And remember, your future is NOT set in stone. A clairvoyant can let you know what you are aligned with right now in the very moment, but you always have the free will and power to change and uplift your path.

Twin Flames are Pioneers of Love. They are the “peaceful warriors of light”. Even the Twin Flames who are currently stuck in negativity, hurt and running are here for love. They just don’t remember it or they are afraid of opening up. Love is the reason why Twin Flames choose to divide from one consciousness to the next, to journey by means of physical separation, and to find their way back to one another despite all of the struggles of human life.

Twin Flames are here to help society heal the ancient wounds of conflict, and to show others how to express themselves through unconditional love. Twin Flames chose to take on the karmic baggage and to absorb and experience the hurt, conflict, and limitations that humanity has experienced throughout time. It is in the Twin Flame Awakening that unity, healing of old divisions and separation of programming in society can be broken, healed, and released for good.

The process of clearing and cleansing your energies can often be experienced as a challenge. However, with Emotion Code Clearing of the Twin Flame connection, you will begin to understand what is happening and the reasons behind this connection. Even if you have not met your Twin Flame yet in person, your Higher Self is always connected with their Higher Self. This makes it easy to clear any emotional blocks between your connection. In turn, this will help to make your Twin Flame journey smoother.

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