Welcome to Starseed Angel Healing

Would you like to experience profound new levels of healing in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life? Does the desire to release anxiety, illness, or negative emotions resonate with you? Allow my healing techniques and years of experience assist in making the positive changes we all want, need, and deserve! Just as I have been guided to offer these skills and services to others, you have been guided to this website to connect and read more about what I do.

  • Remove emotional blocks
  • Identify and release traumas
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Raise vibrational frequency
  • Energy Healing
  • Heartwall clearing
  • Positive transformation

As a spirit guided practitioner, I welcome you to my website, and want to assist in any way that I can in your life path. If you have tried other methods, treatments, or common traditional remedies (often promoted by western medicine) and still feel like there is no relief, you will most likely see greater benefits and significant breakthroughs once you tap into your vibrational energy fields. Many have followed this path, and this can be the perfect place to start. I hope to inspire you to begin this personal journey or join you wherever you stand, and will help you to evolve at your own pace.

–Light and Love 🙏🏼❤️✨

More About Me

I am available for sessions, which I mostly conduct over the telephone. The energy connection is very powerful and effective, even when we are miles apart. Many who are new to energy healings are not familiar with this concept, but let me assure you that physical presence, time, space, distance, and geographical location do not present barriers to this work. As long as there is openness, communication and of course connection through voice, your acknowledgment and allowance for the energy to flow is all that is required.

Connecting with spirit within the comfort of your own space and home will bring many benefits. Convenient scheduling, no travel time, and relaxing in your safe and familiar environment will also be added advantages. As always, your privacy is guaranteed, and your session details are never to be shared. Answers to your most sensitive questions are often brought out in the areas of love, career, health, family, spiritual paths and what spirit reveals, stays only between us. Releasing trapped emotions, eliminating blockages, opening up to blessings is what it’s all about and I hope to have to opportunity to work with you soon. 💖💫