Here is some feedback received:

Jillian M.
September 8, 2021

Carrie Ann is one of the warmest, most loving, accepting and supportive humans I know. She is also an exceptional healer and intuitive, with and extraordinary capacity to identify and clear out trapped emotions. Working with Carrie Ann has been profoundly transformative, freeing me up from a lifetime of struggle and suffering, and opening doorways to remarkable expansions in strength, serenity, joy and confidence. If you're ready to transform your life and become more of your authentic self, Carrie Ann can help you break free from all kinds of inner barriers, you likely never even knew were there.
Lots of love, beautiful.

Kim K, from Denmark
Energy Sessions
June 4, 2021

I have had the pleasure of having sessions with Carrie, and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. She is very talented, but most importantly, down to Earth and easy to talk to. I have had about 9 sessions with her so far, and it has really helped me to understand all the things I am going through and also what is to come. I am now able to speak to my spiritual guides myself after clearing a lot of traumas that this life gave me.
In my mind, she is one of the best you can find!

LV, in the U.K.
Heart Wall Clearing
February 25, 2021

I met Carrie Ann through an online course we did together. At the time I thought that I had worked on my issues, not realizing that so many emotions from my past traumas were stored away in my body. Firstly, my Heart Wall was cleared and this I feel made me more open so that the trapped emotions I had held for so long could be identified. These have now been released. It has been such an amazing journey, going at my pace so that I could always deal with everything that came up and not be overwhelmed.

Carrie Ann has so many tools in her toolbox to bring hidden issues to the surface and whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual she works with them in such a way that I felt understood, completely safe and protected.

I am so grateful for this great gift of true healing!

Namaste from Esther O, in Denmark
Heart Wall Clearing
October 13, 2020

I have had the pleasure of Carrie Ann’s grand expertise in regards of clearing my Heart Wall and emotional blocks. Being a Reiki Master myself, I thought I had cleared everything during my 30 years of spiritual work. However, Carrie Ann quickly found my trapped emotions, and layer by layer she helped me to transform into an even more authentic human being than ever before.

Furthermore, she has taken me up some steps on my personal Ascension journey. Carrie Ann is a very empathic and beautiful soul, who is amazing at holding space for her clients. You really feel nurtured and healed after a session with her. Adding to this, she is also a very good channeler. Her connection with the Angels is second to none. Because of the above and much more, I warmly recommend sessions with Carrie Ann. I am very grateful.

Scott D, Pennsylvania, greater Philadelphia area
Heart Wall Clearing
March 17, 2020

After experiencing the Heart Wall session with Carrie, I feel like a new person! The healing affirmations I received and connecting with higher self allowed so much adjustment and transformation that I actually felt lighter in the following days. In connecting with spirit, I was able to release a lot of stagnant, repressed feelings from various experiences in my life.
This is healing on a spiritual level, and it also contributes to peace, calmness and balance in all the physical aspects too. I feel so blessed to have connected with Carrie and plan to continue with more sessions in the future!