Carrie Ann is an Energy Practitioner who also channels messages from the Divine. She began to visibly notice Aura Colors around individuals since the age of 4. As a teenager she began to tap into her intuition and became guided to follow her spiritual path.

In young adulthood, Carrie Ann became a Dance Instructor/Choreographer following her childhood path of Dance. As her journey continued into writing her Master’s Thesis on Dance Therapy, she became enlightened with Mariane Karou’s Dance Alive Method and therefore, became a Certified Dance Alive Instructor. Carrie Ann now does “Dance of Life” Workshops and Individual Sessions to help guide others into their bodies with sensory integration flow and empowering movements to help one break out of one’s shell.

Carrie Ann is also Certified in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s HeartWall Clearing, Emotion Code and Body Code Methods. With gentle love, gratitude and inner guidance, Carrie Ann employs these healing modalities so that an individual’s body can release trapped emotions and negative energies to be able to heal naturally and allow abundance, miracles, love and blessings to flow into one’s life without emotional blocks.

Carrie Ann has an intuitive gentle and compassionate nature, and is able to channel Divine messages from Angels, Arch Angels, and Spiritual Guides. This also allows an individual she is working on to tune in deeper into their inner guidance and have assistance from Higher Realms to assist with “Spiritual Homework” to help one continue on their spiritual path.

Carrie Ann is also a Certified QTTT Quantum Time Travel Technique Coach to help one to identify inner childhood wounds/core traumas and release them. The QTTT Technique was founded by Spiritual Teacher, Jen McCarty.

Carrie Ann is a Pleiadian Starseed who is also on the TwinFlame Journey and understands the ups and downs of emotions and intensive inner work and shadow work that it takes to be on the Ascension journey. To make our Ascension path easier, AutoHeal Activation Codes are accessible for us to utilize to help us raise our vibrational frequency level. This is why Healing Energy is so important for our four bodies of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional health care.

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